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A Wealthpire Special Opportunity Bulletin

When yet another whiz kid claimed he'd developed a foolproof system for 24-hour trading profits, I said...

"Show me."

When he used his strategy over the next eight weeks to nail 61 out of 70 picks for 283% gains, I said...

"Sell it to me!"

Introducing a minutes-per-day profit program that eliminates the time commitments and regulatory risks of day trading — but could still easily score you $15,323 a month or more...

But there's a catch: We're only opening this service to 475* lucky traders — first come, first served.

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From the desk of master trader Manny Backus

Dear Jaded Trader Like ME,

I've seen his type a thousand times before...

Or at least I thought I had.

Young, brash, energetic. Bright-eyed and full of juice. And so certain that they've figured it all out when it comes to trading.

They're front-and-center at investment conferences, trading seminars, corporate events and other such things — hobnobbing with hedge-fund gurus, veteran analysts, and wealthy, reclusive solo traders.

Sure, some of them might've figured out how to string a few wins together...

A handful may even be sharp enough to actually make money over time.

But mostly, they're destined to end up like 99.9% of traders: Battle-scarred and bloody — with not a lot of wealth to show for their efforts.

Believe me, I know what I'm talking about. As a 10-year veteran trader myself, I've developed several successful trading systems that have made me a very wealthy man...

So I know how hard it is — and how rarely it pays off. I'm living proof of it.

And in my decade-plus in the trenches of money, I've seen literally hundreds of "new" or "breakthrough" trading systems and strategies come and go...

But almost all the hotshots who developed these schemes are long gone now.

They're serving fries or slapping price tags on cans of tuna somewhere, for all I know.

So you can imagine how I must've felt when young Adam Gabriel walked boldly into my office and announced that he'd developed what amounts to the "holy grail" of trading...

A way to cash in on the action and moneymaking potential of day trading — but without being chained to the computer for half the day...

And without risking the Pattern Day-trading Violations FINRA's been slapping so many traders with these days (more on this below).

I heard him out — then I said, "Prove it, kid. Seeing is believing."

My "cheat-proof" challenge to a brash young whiz kid. . .

To prove his system worked, he showed me a stack of winning "paper trades" he claimed to have pinpointed using it...

For each of these positions, he had hypothetical "buy" times listed — and "sell" times the following trading day, almost always within 24 hours.

I nearly laughed out loud. Anybody can cobble together a bunch of winning picks on paper after the fact to make a system look good. And I've seen people do it...

But I'm not that cruel. Not quite.

Instead, I simply challenged him to prove his system's worth on my terms with a hypothetical test over eight weeks — starting the next Monday, February 28th.

I was surprised when he accepted. Here were the rules of my challenge...

  1. He must strictly adhere to his own trading model: He had to "buy" a common type of security (stocks, ETFs, etc.) on one day — then "sell" it at some point the next day the markets were open.

  2. Instead of keeping a spreadsheet on the "honor system," he must e-Mail me every one of these trades in real time — so there'd be a record in my hands of the exact dates and times he recommended them.

I told him that at the end of eight full weeks, we'd check the gains and losses and see whether he was the real thing or not.

To tell you the truth, I didn't even look at the trades he sent me every day — and often more than once a day...

I simply collected them in a dedicated e-Mail box as they came in, usually in the last hour of the trading day.

I didn't even mark the 8th week on my calendar, either. I figured that if Gabriel had anything to brag about, he'd call ME at the end of the "challenge" period...

So when he showed up at the office on the morning of Monday, April 25th, I was caught completely off guard.

"Well?" he said, grinning like the cat that ate the canary.

"Did I prove myself to your satisfaction?"

And his astonishing track record that blew me away...

I didn't know what to say. I confessed to him that I hadn't been tracking his trades at all — just saving them in an e-Mailbox.

Smugly, he said, "I figured as much." Then he slid a spreadsheet across my desk. The first page of it looked like this (the red notations are mine)...

The second page (with the final three weeks of my eight-week challenge) was just as impressive as this one.

While he watched, grinning, I reconciled these dated trades with his e-Mails — growing more shocked with every passing second...

Sure enough, each one was "bought" on one trading day, and "sold" the next.

And for every one of them, I had an e-Mail from Gabriel in my folder with the exact times these on-paper trades were recommended.

To my disbelief, it looked as though the kid had actually done it. He'd actually come up with a trading system that was not simply sound and viable...

But spectacularly effective.

You don't have to take my word for that — the actual numbers do the persuading. Here's how I tallied up Gabriel's astonishing results right then and there:

  • 61 wins out of 70 trades (a better than 87% win ratio)
  • Cumulative gains of more than 283% (winners and losers combined)
  • Longest streak of winning trades: 18. Longest streak of losing trades: 1
  • Average value of winning trades: 4.53%
  • Average value of losing trades: .74%
  • Average value of all trades combined: 4.04%
  • Weekly cumulative gains as high as 50.48%
  • Individual day-over-day gains 12.76%, 14.3%, 15.27% — even 31.26%!

Simply incredible, isn't it?

I can't remember ever seeing ANY system with a sustained winning percentage of better than 87%. Even my own systems aren't this effective (close, though)...

Plus weekly gains of up to 50% — and single-day gains of as much as 31%?

That's options-type territory, there. But Gabriel's trading simple stocks, ETFs, and the like!

What's especially impressive is the fact that his average winning trade is MORE THAN 6 TIMES AS LARGE as his average losing trade...

That means his winners are big — and his losers are small. That's rare to find in a system with a high win/loss ratio.

Usually, it's the opposite: The frequent wins are small, even incremental. While the occasional losers are colossal, making the total cumulative gain barely in positive digits.

day-traders beware:
FINRA is watching you

One of the best parts about day-trading is the action. There are lots of lucrative plays you can get in and out of every day — if you know what you’re doing...

But there’s a price to be paid nowadays for being an active trader. Within the last decade, FINRA (Financial INdustry Regulatory Authority) has enacted and ramped up enforcement of what it calls “pattern day-trading violations.”

These violations occur whenever a trader enters and exits a securities position in the same day — more than three times in five trading sessions or less. Basically, anyone who’s any kind of success at day-trading is often “guilty” of this violation.

If cited for a pattern day-trading violation, FINRA can require you to maintain at least $25,000 in your margin account at all times — something many traders would struggle to do. They can also issue fines. Scottrade, for example, was fined $200,000 in 2010 for allowing customers to get away with pattern day-trading violations.

But none of this will affect you with our new Buy Today Sell Tomorrow overnight trading profits service. You can keep however much you want in your margin account — and FINRA can’t do a thing about it...

Plus you’ll get just as much action — and perhaps far more in gains trading the Buy Today Sell Tomorrow way. KEEP READING for all the details now.

Like I said, it was incredible. I've literally never seen anything like it before in all my years in the trenches.

Think about what you could do with a system like this...

Could you use an extra $15,323 a month — or tons more?

Greetings. In case you didn't know, I'm Manny Backus.

I am NOT a stockbroker or individual investment advisor of any type.

In fact, I don't even have any kind of securities license — or one of those Ivy League MBAs everyone's so hot in the pants about these days...

However, I DO have a verified 157 IQ, honed since boyhood in the cutthroat world of international chess.

Soon after I started playing, I theorized that the objective, analytical approach it took to become a chess champion was perfectly suited to active trading...

I first tested these skills in the markets when I was just 15 years old — with great success.

And ever since then, I've been refining my own methods of winner-take-all trading to score fast, lucrative market "checkmates."

In fact, that's all I've been doing for over 10 years now. And I make a GREAT living at it, I promise you.

But I'm not telling you this to boast — the grateful readers who subscribe to my trading research services do that for me. I've got literally hundreds of their letters, some of which you'll see excerpts from in a moment...

No, the reason I'm telling you this is so that you'll understand how uniquely qualified I am to judge new investing systems and methods that come along.

It's because I've been in the trading trenches for years — and have seen more of them come and go than 99.9% of other traders and analysts...

And I'm telling you: Adam Gabriel's new system for overnight profits is the real deal. In fact, it's one of the most impressive systems I've ever seen.

The numbers here are staggering. Just do the math with me for a moment.

Based on the hypothetical results of my "challenge" to Gabriel...

Rotating just 10 grand into and out of his documented picks each trading day would've put gross gains of $28,312.00 in your pocket in 8 weeks.

Manny guides new
trader to $3,000 week

“I am new in trading... I think $3,000 in a week for a new person like me is really, really good. Thank you for the chance. I hope you’re staying for a long time, Manny."

-- Jimmy Q., Miami, Florida

That translates into $3,539 per week, before broker fees, etc.

There are an average of 4.33 weeks in a calendar month — so that comes out to an incredible $15,323 per month in PURE PROFIT...

Over $183,000 a year. That's "retire now" money.

And imagine what starting with, say — a stake of $50,000 per trade would pay you. I'm talking over 900 GRAND a year.

In just a few minutes "work" per trading day.

Of course, by the time I tabulated his results and did these calculations for myself, I was completely sold on Gabriel's system...

I was so convinced of its incredible value, in fact, I tried to buy it from him.

I couldn't buy this new system for a million dollars — but YOU could use it to make way more than that, starting right now

After I crunched all the numbers, I asked Gabriel the million-dollar question: "How much do you want for this system?"

Literally, I'd have paid him a million bucks on the spot for it.

Manny leads him to
29 grand in 5 months

“Hey Manny... I just wanted to say thanks. I’ve been with you for about five months and I’ve been averaging about $5,923 a month, which is like $29,600...”

-- Bill C., Glendale, Arizona

"It's not for sale," he said.

"But I'll tell you what," he continued. "If you agree to teach me everything you know about trading...

"And pay me a modest salary to run the day-to-day operation of the system...

"I'll let you publish it for a small number of your readers."

I was really quite flattered at the offer. Not to mention impressed that Gabriel wasn't so cocky as to not realize that there were people out there who could teach him things.

So we started talking, and as I got to know the young man further, I discovered a lot of similarities between the two of us...

Like me, Adam was smart, and a real numbers guy — objective, dispassionate and analytical.

And also like me, he'd been an earnest student of the markets and trading since adolescence.

He'd also developed his own strategies for making money in the markets (like me, again) — and wasn't afraid to put his own skin in the game to test them.

That's exactly how he'd come up with the system he'd presented to me.

After talking with him for a while and seeing how similarly we thought, and getting a feel for just how conscientiously he'd run a service based on his system...

And pinning down a few ways in which I could help him learn and grow into an even better trader...

There was only one more thing I needed to know before I signed him on.

"OK, so how do you do it?" I asked him.

Adam smiled, and said, "I'll show you."

Walking me through a few of his trades, I quickly came to realize that Adam was a superior market analyst — and a trader whose skill with both technical and fundamental analysis far exceeded his years...

He then showed me a brief guidebook he'd written explaining exactly how he chooses stocks and other securities for overnight trading.

I skimmed it right there in the office — and found sound trading advice that would serve readers well, including:

  • How to determine your "market sentiment" for the hour, day, or week — and adjusting your trading regime accordingly for max profits
  • How to factor "sector rotation," economic cycles, market momentum, the news, volatility analysis and more into your trading outlook
  • The important distinctions between four key trade-guiding times frames: 5 minute, 60 minute, daily, and weekly (and how they affect each other)
  • The three important "schools of thought" on how to manage market volatility — and how to apply each for enhanced gains
  • How to detect subtle market trends early, and ride them to the biggest returns
  • How to pinpoint appropriate and realistic levels of "support" and "resistance" in any trading position
  • How to get the best trading entry and stop-loss points using one particular time-frame chart — and much more...

I know what you're thinking: Yes, you'll have the chance to get this invaluable trading guidebook shortly, and at no charge whatsoever.

That's because after I reviewed it — and saw how astute Gabriel's trading rationale and method really were (much like my own) — I told him, "Done deal."

A handshake later and we were off and running on Wealthpire's newest and most spectacular trading service, Buy Today Sell Tomorrow.

It's the only trading service on the market that I can confidently say gives you all the benefits, excitement, and potential profits the world's best day-traders enjoy...

But without the hassles of constantly monitoring the markets.

Or the risk of running afoul of FINRA regulations — and having to maintain $25,000 or more in your trading account at all times (see sidebar details on this).

However, a word of warning:

To become one of just 475 charter subscribers we're allowing to join Adam Gabriel's new Buy Today Sell Tomorrow advisory service (I'll explain why so few in a moment), you must hurry.

Right now, this Special Opportunity Bulletin is being read by as many as 15,000 other traders...

So if you want the best chance of being able to cash in on the incredible profit-power of Gabriel's one-of-a-kind system, click here NOW to beat these other traders to the punch.

Here's how you can get a full month's worth of this system's picks, FREE — with zero risk or obligation.

Introducing Buy Today Sell Tomorrow — your chance at minutes-per-day wealth that could easily replace your salary...

But only if you're one of the first 475 people to respond NOW

Just 475 charter subscribers — that's the deal.

Gabriel will only allow this small number of my Wealthpire readers to discover his one-of-a-kind new overnight profit service (I'll tell you why there can't be more in a moment).

And as I've already shown you, Buy Today Sell Tomorrow could easily bank you an extra $15,000 a week or more...

In just a few minutes of "work" per day.

Or much more. How much money you make is limited only by the amount of capital you have to invest...

What's great is that you don't HAVE to have $25,000 at your fingertips at all times, like what FINRA requires frequent (read: effective) day-traders to have.

$4,000 in profit:
“Thank you, Manny!”

“I’ve profited $4,000 after trading commissions... Manny has made not only myself, but many others, lots of money over the past few months since I started, and I have no doubt it will continue from here on in. Thank you, Manny."

-- Angel L., Toronto, Canada

You could start with just $100 per trade, if you wanted.

According to Gabriel, all you'll need to do on most market days is place one or two trades, as instructed — usually in the afternoon...

Then sell them the next day, usually in the morning.

Unlike day-trading, where you're literally planted in front of the computer, waiting for trades that can take place in mere minutes...

Buy Today Sell Tomorrow gives you a degree of freedom that day-trading rarely affords people.

Yet the profit potential is just as great — if not more so.

Seriously, how many trading advisory services have you seen (or even heard of) that can hit better than 87% winners...

Make you six times more per winner than those rare losers would cost you...

And turn a rotating $10,000 trading stake into over $183,000 a year in gross extra income?

That's enough money to trade for a living!

And with Buy Today Sell Tomorrow, bona-fide whiz kid Adam Gabriel literally does all the work for you...

All you need to put yourself into position for as much as 15 grand per month is:

  • A decent computer with Internet access
  • A trading margin account in good standing
  • A stake of investing capital (not the $25,000 FINRA day-traders need)
  • A few minutes per day to check e-Mails and place trades

You don't need to understand all the ins and outs of how Gabriel does what he does...

You don't even need to know the definitions of all the terms and terminology in your FREE Buy Today Sell Tomorrow Quick-Start Guide.

And you don't need to give up your day job to have enough time to make the most of the service (though soon, you might want to).

If you can read, follow basic instructions, and click a mouse...

Gabriel's new overnight profit system could help steer you to huge wealth, fast.

But again — this can only happen if you're one of the first-come, first served 475 people Gabriel's allowing as charter subscribers to this service (click here to claim your spot now).

And to sweeten the deal even more, there's a way you can try Buy Today Sell Tomorrow for up to one full month without risking a penny of your money...

Remember, Gabriel's track record has single-week gains of 27.67%, 38.2%, 42.07% — even as much as 50.38%.

With gains like these, it's no stretch at all to think you could double your money in just this 30-day, full refund trial period!

Check out everything you'll get with your zero-risk, no-obligation subscription...

All the work done FOR you: Buy Today Sell Tomorrow
is practically turn-key automatic

Just like Adam Gabriel's dispassionate, technical trading system guides him to a freakish percentage of winning overnight plays...

What he's offering just 475 people today is a complete trading system that could guide you to low-risk, easy wealth.

Here's everything you'll get with the Buy Today Sell Tomorrow trading system:

  • The Buy Today Sell Tomorrow Quick Start Guide (a $199 value) — As part of your Welcome Kit, this desktop guidebook explains, in clear, simple English and colorful graphics, the basic concepts behind whiz kid Adam Gabriel's incredible, 87%-accurate overnight profit system. Designed as a computer-side reference that you can use to follow along with Gabriel's trading analysis and recommendations, this guidebook alone is worth the entire cost of your first month's worth of service...
  • Buy Alerts — Delivered straight to your inbox whenever the Buy Today Sell Tomorrow system pinpoints a potential winner (this will often be more than once a day), these straightforward instructions are the heart and soul of the service. Follow them in a timely manner with an amount of capital you're comfortable putting into play, and $15,000 per month or more in extra income could easily be yours...
  • 24/7 Password-protected Web Site Access — The instant you sign up, you'll be able to use any Internet-connected computer, anywhere to check up on all of Gabriel's latest instructions and analysis, look up every past or current Buy Today Sell Tomorrow recommendation, and check out all current and future Special Reports. And you can do it anytime of the day or night, every single day of the year...

  • The Buy Today Sell Tomorrow Official Welcome Kit — Along with your copy of the Gabriel's Quick Start Guide, this packet of materials includes the service's official membership card, and a special quick-reference DVD (plus written transcript) outlining how to get the most out of the Buy Today Sell Tomorrow Web resource...

Together, these materials are the key to potentially making $15,000 or more in cash every month using the Buy Today Sell Tomorrow system.

All you do is sign up, follow Gabriel's instructions, and decide what level of investment in his recommendations you're comfortable with. That's it.

“Believer” makes
$900 - $1,000 a day!

Manny probably hits on 75-80% of his trades and while some days may only produce $150-$200 a day other days zoom to $900- $1000 a day. On a bad day you might lose $200-$400 but not often. I have, not once, been unable to at least offset the monthly fee and frequently make at least 30 times the fee on a monthly basis . I AM A BELIEVER!"...

-- Rick M., Sunnyvale, Texas

And you already know the best part...

You could try this system RISK-FREE for an entire month. No strings attached.

But again, you can only reap these benefits if you're one of the 475 lucky people we're allowing to sign-up for this service.

Like I said, these slots will be filled in order of sign-up: first-come, first-served.

And they're already filling up fast, there's no doubt in my mind. Other traders like you are reading this and clicking on the early-sign-up links (here's one now)...

So if you want to take advantage of this first-ever opening of "whiz kid" Adam Gabriel's incredible new system, you've got no time to lose...

This literally may be your only chance to get the Buy Today Sell Tomorrow.

As I mentioned before, there's a very important reason why we may never open this service up for new subscribers again...

Bottom line: Act now — we may NEVER OFFER more than
these 475 subscriptions to Buy Today Sell Tomorrow

Why are we only offering charter subscriptions to Buy Today Sell Tomorrow to the first 475 people who respond to this letter?

Because Gabriel wants his system to stay under the radar.

He doesn't want everyone and his brother doing what he does — or it could cause FINRA and other regulatory entities to pass still more trading rules.

They don't like it when lots of people figure out how to make lots of money, fast.

It makes regulators suspicious when traders score sustained win ratios of 87% or more. They think nobody could possibly be that good.

Like a casino tossing out the blackjack ace who's counting cards and taking them to the cleaners...

Manny leads him to
75% success rate!


You are teaching me about discipline to the trading plan and the results are outstanding. Checking through my trading log, I’ve traded 28 days and have had 21 profitable days, that’s a 75% success rate.”

-- Denny T., Williamsburg, Viriginia

Regulatory agencies start changing the rules of the game when people start banking 283% in eight weeks.

And when a service's winning picks make six times more money, on average, than what its losers cost?

That's a big red flag, too. It makes them think someone's using inside information.

But like I said, I've been around the block enough times to know the real thing when I see it...

And I've developed — and currently run — enough winning services that I know such incredible performance is possible (though it's far from common).

Until we get a feel for how many Buy Today Sell Tomorrow subscribers we can build up to without the FINRA bullies coming in and killing the golden goose...

We simply can't release the system to anyone and everyone who can come up with the ridiculously low subscription fee (more on that in a moment).

So for that reason, I'm limiting the number of charter subscribers to 475 people.

That's not to say that I'll never open this service up to new subscribers again — I just wouldn't bet on it if I were you...

Again, my offer to you is very cut and dried:

Sign up NOW for a 30-Day RISK FREE TRIAL — and you'll assure yourself among these 475 charter subscribers to the Buy Today Sell Tomorrow system...

This is how it works, sign up for your first month, at the very low payment of $147, and if for any reason you find that Buy Today Sell Tomorrow is not for you, let us know within your first 30-days, and we will cheerfully refund you every penny, no questions asked!

IF they aren't already filled by hot-to-trot traders among the 15,000 others who reading this and jumping on those early sign-up links.

(To quickly see if there are any slots left, click here.)

Once you've signed up, enjoy a full month's access to all the services I've just outlined for you — at the very low payment of $147.

And if you stay with Buy Today Sell Tomorrow after the 30-day trial period (and with Gabriel's track record, you'd be crazy not to), it'll cost just $147 a month...

You can cancel any time, with no further obligation.

That's less than the cost of dinner for two at a decent restaurant. You could easily cover this with just one successful trade per month!

Again, using Buy Today Sell Tomorrow couldn't be any easier:

1) Check e-Mail periodically for trading instructions each day markets are open

2) Follow them to the letter — and as promptly and completely as you can

3) Cash out of your trades the next day and laugh all the way to the bank

Listen, even if you don't have any intention of becoming a long-term member of Buy Today Sell Tomorrow...

You'd be crazy not to sign up now and at least collect your Buy Today Sell Tomorrow Quick Start Guide.

If you study and learn the dozens of trading tips and insights in it, it'll pay for itself a hundred times over in a trading career.

And let's not forget the unlimited access to the Buy Today Sell Tomorrow Web site — where you could read, print, or download ALL of Adam Gabriel's daily analysis and commentary on trading and investing...

That's going to be worth its weight in gold, if his track record's any indication.

All you have to do is sign up for Buy Today Sell Tomorrow...

Secure your copy of Gabriel's one-of-a-kind Quick Start Guide...

Manny gives them “another good month” of $42,710

"Hello Manny... I just want to say a big, big thank you to you for being there for us... helping us to learn while making nice chunks of money too.

Today we have just ground out another good month... $42,710 after commissions. Not bad considering that the market has been pretty unpredictable.

Manuel you are incredible and I do hope you realize how important it has become for me to know you, to be able to rely on your support and unconditional integrity, honesty. It's incredible...

-- Tibor D., Toronto, Canada
Follow along with every move he makes for 30 full days, soaking up all the trading know-how you can...

Then cancel with no further obligation — and take a shot at overnight trading on your own.

Think of how much an everyday profit system this powerful could be worth to you...

I've already shown you how a stake of just $10,000 rotated over and over into and out of Gabriel's plays could bank you $183,000 per year in pure profit...

And once you get comfortable with the system, you could increase this stake 5 times over and score over 900 grand a year...

That kind of money makes that $147 a month we're asking for the Buy Today Sell Tomorrow seem kind of paltry, doesn't it?

But again, you must hurry.

Other readers are no doubt clicking the blue sign-up links throughout this bulletin in droves even as you read these words.

They're getting a jump on receiving their passwords and logging in to the Buy Today Sell Tomorrow Web site...

They're moving money around, preparing to pounce on Gabriel's daily recommendations as soon as they receive them...

And they're quickly sucking up the 475 spots we've set aside for this charter membership offer.

I've shown you this system's incredible results...

I've shown you just how easy it could bank you $15,000 a month or more...

I've even offered you a RISK-FREE month of this service...

And I've offered you a monthly price to continue receiving Buy Today Sell Tomorrow that's too low to make an impact on your finances...

The next move is up to you. Time's wasting, and slots are filling.

Click here to sign up NOW.

Manny Backus
Manny Backus, President
WealthPire, Inc.
3435 Ocean Park Blvd. Suite 107-334
Santa Monica, CA 90405

P.S. You've got nothing to lose in trying Buy Today Sell Tomorrow — except the chance at potentially millions in overnight gains. But I can't stress this enough: If this service is like all the others I've offered, it's filling up by the minute right now. Clicking here or on the link below literally may be your only chance to sign up, risk free.